Basic Usage

Example Shortcode to embed a YouTube video:

[wp-video-popup video=""]

Example Shortcode to embed a Vimeo video:

[wp-video-popup vimeo="1" video=""]

Trigger/Open the Lightbox

CSS class that needs to be added to the element you want to open the lightbox:


Example Link to open the lightbox:

<a href="#" class="wp-video-popup">Play Video</a>

Live demo:

Play Video

Shortcode Attributes

There are attributes available to add parameters to the embed-URL that’s dynamically created from the video link provided in the shortcode.

Mute video


Start video at a specific time (value in seconds)


Example shortcode:

[wp-video-popup mute="1" start="24" video=""]
WP Video Popup

Create beautiful responsive YouTube & Vimeo Video Lightbox Popups in WordPress.